"Blackglass" Canadian 102s

By Barrett Nicpon; posted April 5, 2009

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Relatively scarce within the realm of Canadian telephone insulators, are these dark-glassed vertical-bar ponies. I have gone through many buckets of 102s in my short span of collecting, and for every thousand aqua vertical-bar pieces, there's one of these - normally within a subtle run of shades between brown amber and dark emerald green. The example shown on the left (in both photos) is the [023] Diamond listing, and is a dark olive amber shade. This colour appears to be unlisted at this time. The example on the right is the [040] No Name - Canada listing, in a dark green shade, the colour in natural light being close to what is shown with perhaps a bit more olive in it.

The condition of the olive amber piece is good, with the only damage I can see being a 3/16" fisheye on one of the skirts, just to the right of the vertical bar.

The dark green example on the right has a bit more wrong with it. I'm not sure where it was used, but I would guess an area with high winds, as the line wire appears to have abraded itself into the glass of the wire groove, cutting a notch on both sides, both being roughly 7/8" long. I've always thought this form of damage is kind of neat, and tells a bit of a story, but Canadian ponies are renowned for it, and not in a good way! This one also has two shallow base flakes - one 1/2" long, and the other 1/4" long - one on each half of the skirt.

All in all, two neat, and relatively scarce Canadian ponies. I'm asking $23.00 U.S. plus shipping for the two of them. Or, individually, $13.00 each. I accept PayPal, and personal cheques or money orders from any member of ICON, or anyone I've dealt with before. Please feel free to email me for more photos, or with any questions. I encourage you to look through my "For Sale (Not Sold)" stock, and combine items to save on shipping. All the best!