Virginia Public Service Company Truck and Crew

By Fred Collier; posted March 30, 2009

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VPSCo was formed in 1926 by the merger of several power companies in the State of Virginia. VPSCo was itself merged into the Virginia Electric and Power Company in the early 1940's. VEPCO is now doing business in Virginia as Dominion Virginia Power (Dominion). This old photo was taken in front of what I believe is the Orange Substation in the Town of Orange, Virginia. I work for Dominion and our Safety Supervisor would have a stroke if he saw our employees loaded on a truck like this today.

It's funny how some of the guys in these old pictures look like people you know. Clark Kent was in charge of this crew (the guy with glasses and a fairly clean white shirt). Nicolas Cage (sitting up front close to the cab) is now an actor. See anybody you know?