Australian Insulators for North American Insulators

By Nigel Richardson; posted March 27, 2009

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Hi there! I am a long time insulator collector from Australia I have come to the point in my collection where what I am predominately missing is either incredibly rare or mundane as I need quite a few to fill in the gaps (I collect every embossing line for each colour of every CD and U numbered telegraph/telephone and electrical insulators that were used in Australia. After 10 years of collecting and about 3000 in my collection, I think its time to expand to overseas items and in doing so, my dream is to obtain at least 1 of every cd number used in North America (I'm using the nia guide as my template) Now I know this will be impossible for many of the harder cd numbers, as their rarity will always suggest and I'm not even thinking about all of the variances in colour/embossing (perhaps down the road I might!) but id like to start with one or so of each obtainable cd number in colours that will not fill up a wall with aqua. Postage and pricings are a killer when you look at eBay so I'm hoping to do some bulk trades with any American collector who is interested in doing what I am doing, but visa versa. I'm not a fan of damaged items, which goes the same with what I have spare. My immediate spares are common in cd number but extensive in colours, and if I am able to make a firm connection with a few sellers, when rarer items come into my possession, you will be the first to know about it. If anyone is interested please contact me (Picture not related in regards to spares, just my last few finds on a road trip! : ) )