Display Cabinet with my Collection of Compression Strains

By Brian Riecker; posted March 26, 2009

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132 shown in picture. Not shown are the CD 1129 baseball strain in clear because it needs to stay out of the sunlight to keep from turning purple and the glass megaball from Europe which resides on the floor because it's 13 inches in diameter and weighs 50 lbs.

18 different CD's shown in the pic from various countries with various embossings and colors.

First shelf - row of CD 1138 's in light aqua.

Second shelf - row of CD 1138 's in rare and various colors.

Third shelf - row of CD 1138 's in more various colors.

Fourth shelf - row of CD 1140 's in rare and various colors.

Fifth shelf - row of CD 1140 's in various colors.

Sixth shelf - CD 1131 / 1130 cal eggs, CD 1145 pyrex eggs from Europe, and CD 1128 / 1127 saddle styles from France and Italy.

Seventh shelf - CD 1145 's, CD 1144 (only two known), CD 1146 's all from France and Italy.

Eighth shelf - row of CD 1130 's from France and Italy

Ninth shelf - Three german strains, also CD 1113 's, CD 1114 's, CD 1120 's from Italy.

Tenth shelf - CD 1125 's, CD 1124 (four known), CD 1153 's, CD 1156 with hardware and wire.

Eleventh shelf - Various CD's with wire attached and some dump specimens.

Twelfth shelf - Various Johnny balls with wires attached.