And I thought the 150s only came in aqua....

By Brian Weeldreyer; posted March 25, 2009

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What the...?

Actually, with all the email discussion lately on color nuances I thought I'd demonstrate how easy it would be to purposely shift a color in a photo. So, here's a Brookfield CD 150 in 40 different colors! Everything from a fantasy screaming magenta to the muted colors of California glass, and no stain involved. It's not even my insulator. It's not even my photo. I just grabbed it from the "Sold" gallery. If I can easily do this, it would be extremely easy to push, say, a lime green to apple if it would sell for more. I'm not saying anyone out there is doing this, but if you have the right software and a little knowhow, you can do this easily and quickly.

I encourage you to look at the original and zoom in to see how convincing most of these are. (downloading may take a minute) The ones that are pushed very dark, light or to a color extreme may look a little "off" somehow when scrutinized, but nothing spending a few more minutes couldn't fix. The rest of them look pretty darn good.

Anyway, food for thought... and candy for the eyes!