Lost in Time

By Andy Smith; posted March 22, 2009

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The other day i was stopped at an old railway outpost, and started to think back in time, of how time has changed things,,The old area in the early 70,s as i think back, still had the remains of buildings and sawmill, now the only thing left are outlines where they stood, In reflecting on the history i got thinking of the train wrecks just up the track and the old Lands and Forest fire tower that adoren the railway right of way. The only people at that time was the Trapper and his wife, that stayed in this outback from October till May only going out for Christmas Holiday, and how down to earth and genuine these folks where,(What i call True People, you enjoy meeting and helping in Life, s Journey)The only road in. has been overgrown and natures reclaiming it self.for years. Time has long forgotten this area, however my memories still are well embedded, As i remember telegraph lines on the right side of the track, i see the 1953 upgrade slowly fading away now on the left.. .From streamers roll, n by it, s original railway name of (Salinas ),the locomotives rollbuy the later Re-Instated Name established by the logging Company a few years after the line was put through..All is gone now but the ghostly outlines of what use to be....Lost in Time