CD 144 Foree Bain

By Dan Gauron; posted March 16, 2009

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In my quest for a HG CO large mouth fruit jar with the large logo embossed on the side, I've decided to try and tempt someone into letting loose of one that might be collecting dust in trade for a bright shiney Bain, picked off the Sante Fe line about 40 miles north of here in Castle Rock, Colorado line back in 1968. It's quite a beauty with its nearly perfect horizontal ridges, distinctive worm lines atop the dome and a Colorado knock dead Blue Aqua that really glistens in a sunny window. Geez, maybe I'll hang onto it after all. Noooo.......... I really would like the jar for a project I'm working on. I hope there's someone out there that can help me out. If I'm a bit unbalanced on my thoughts of an equal trade, please let me in on it's fair trade value and I'll work something out with you. ***SORRY, This one's found a new home***

Thanks for looking, DAN