"Turquoise Blue" Diamond cee-dee-one-oh-two

By Barrett Nicpon; posted March 7, 2009

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A rather unusual piece that turns up here occasionally (all type 1 Diamond ponies are tough to find around here), this brightly bluey-aqua colour Diamond CD 102 is guaranteed to please! The colour is what I have seen referred to as "turquoise blue", as it is quite different from aqua shades that I have seen in these pieces. The glass on this one has all kinds of fizzy bubble inclusions in it, if the neat colour weren't enough!

The damage on this one is mostly limited to the base, with two 1/8" flat base chips, one in the front below the diamond, and one in the rear base, opposite the first. There is also a 1/8" fleabite on the front skirt, to the right of the diamond. Certainly not in bad shape at all!

I'm asking $22.00 U.S. plus shipping for this scarce, unusually-coloured Diamond 102. I accept PayPal, and personal cheques or money orders from any member of ICON, or anyone I've dealt with before. Please feel free to email me for more photos, or with any questions. I encourage you to look through my "For Sale (Not Sold)" stock, and combine items to save on shipping. All the best!