Chair Post "B" 145

By Justin Sharick; posted March 4, 2009

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Here is a neat piece which, upon doing some research, I learned is a "chair leg" insulator. Part of this fella's service meant spending it's time stuck upside down to the bottom of the leg of a chair and the scar - a worn flat spot on the dome about the size of a half dollar - is there to this day. From what I have read, telegraph operators would insulate themselves from the ground by means of using these insulators. Funny, then, that I found this one on a telegraph pole here in Western PA. Lee Brewers suggested that it may have been swapped out to the lineman for a new one and then put into service?

Damage to this one is minimal, given it's history. Aside from the flat, worn spot on the dome (which isn't damage, in my eyes), it has two 1-2 inch clamshell chips in the outerskirt above the base, as well as a few smaller ones (less than an inch). On the inner skirt are three more small clamshell chips. The side of the crown across from the worn spot is scratched and scraped, most likely due to its time in chair-leg service.

A common, light-aqua "B" 145 with a bit of history, definitely a good conversation piece!

(F-Skirt) B (R-Skirt) B

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