Yellow-Green "B" CD 145

By Justin Sharick; posted March 4, 2009

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Here is a fantastic yellow-green "B" CD 145. The color on this one is fantastic and is sure to please in the sunlight. Unfortunately, it has a pretty good sized internal crack in the outer skirt, where it looks like it was shot with a BB gun or air rifle. There is also a long, thin internal crack in the upper crown, but it is difficult to detect as it almost looks like a wrinkle. You can see it in this photo. From straight on it is hard to detect, but it will reflect light at an angle.

On the dome you will find what looks like a backwards "33", but I believe it should be a "3" alone, as the other "3" looks very much like a ghost embossing. The glass is very wrinkled and thick and would make a great companion to my other wrinkled trade, which can be seen here: [id=240771727]

(Dome) 3 (with ghost 3) (F-Skirt) B

Refer to [id=240772942] for a photo of the crack.