Ambered "B" 145

By Justin Sharick; posted March 4, 2009

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Here is a green-green aqua "B" 145 that has some fantastic amber ribbons and swirling. Unfortunately, it also has a bit of damage with a large internal crack on the outer skirt. It doesn't reach the surface, but it is very apparent when displayed from the side. The amber is a large ribbon about an inch or so in width which starts where the inner and outer skirts meet on one side, extends over the top of the pinhole through the dome, and then down to the same point on the other side. There is also some amber scattered around the pinhole aside from the ribbon. Also, a single potstone resides just below the glass in the wire guide.

Again, the damage is apparent from the right side, but aside from the cracks, this one is in good shape minus two small fleabites.

(Dome) small backwards 2 (F-Skirt) B

Refer to [id=240772352] for photos of the crack.