Jim Sinsley and his "WATCH" dog buddy, BUDDY.

By Jim Sinsley; posted March 2, 2009

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My dog, Buddy, is a true watchdog. He keeps us informed about any body or thing that approaches the property.

Since he is a CONSTANT companion, one of his favorite perches is as you see in the picture. He wiil stand this way as long as I let him or can tolerate it. The main problem is when he spots another dog or a cat outside and "Peels Rubber" off me. Also, it is a bit difficult to drink my coffee as I peruse ICON postings.

In the back ground is a portion of my glass insulator displays in the windows of my cave. You didn't know caves have windows? They do when you build them yourself. My Wife and Grandkids refer to it as "The Grouchy Old Bear's Cave.