CD 145 B with embedded wire?

By David Boothroyd; posted March 2, 2009

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I found this one on 2-28-09 near the old B&O line that I have been checking. You can see the wire near the base. Also, to the left of the wire you can see where a glob of glass ran down between the inner and outer skirts. This is one of those crude Brookfields that are so popular with collectors at this time. See "Hunts and Finds" for photos of it as I found it. Update - Paul Greaves notified me that it appeared to be a bubble, so I examined it closely and discovered that it is actually just a bubble. Also, Lee Brewer said that the hot glass can actually vaporize metal so there may have been a wire in the glass when it was poured. Thanks Paul and Lee for the information on this interesting Brookfield insulator.