Kathleen McLaughlin

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted February 28, 2009

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Kathleen has been a good, long-time friend of Joe M's since 1984. Her parents were aware of his contributions to Old Bottle Magazine via his Insulator By Lines column from 1974-1981 having been subscribers. They were ameteur bottle collectors at the time. Kathleen got hooked on insulators in the mid-1980s having found some relatively common pieces in her home town of Vernon, CT. Kathleen works in mid-town Manhattan with a fashion designer (can't you tell? ;-). And she has a pretty decent insulator collection!

Her charm is totally priceless. A five-star person in totally every respect and not to be excelled. Period. Kathleen, proudly step to the front of the class!

She commented to Joe and myself to provide her present collector status here without any further review.

Well deserved!