101 Brookfield No 9 - Blue Aqua SDP

By John Moon; posted February 26, 2009

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I wanted to pick a nice aqua piece to get this started. This one doesn't disappoint. One of the few SDP embossings that includes the style No.

As you look through the collectors album you had to think that I have to be getting near to having all of the SDP pieces listed in the guide. Fact is I don't think this is anywhere near half of them. There are approx. 21 different CD's that Brookfield produced or are attributed to their production. Within these CD's there are over 60 different embossing indexes, and a couple of the photos in this sequence are unlisted.

Brookfield supposedly only made these from when the Hemi drip patent ran out, until they closed down the plant in 1922, and then only on special request. Hope I got that right.

Seems like a good number of these were shipped to Canada.

Hope everyone enjoys them and if you want to follow the whole sequence here is the next one. [id=240280727]