French 7 inch glass, undamaged

By James Mulvey; posted February 24, 2009

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Recently I bought a mixed lot of 10 suspensions from a non-collector in France. I received notice this morning that I could pick them up at the post office. ( No door to door delivery available here) . When the clerk moved the box all I could hear was the sound of multiple glass on glass clinking and scraping. Clerk didn't say a thing or bat an eye, just said 'here ya go' . I opened the box there and then. Not that it would do any good but I did it anyway. I removed a flat sheet of 1/2 inch Styrofoam and this is what I saw. 10 glass suspensions, loose, not pined together with very little packing. There are dents in the ends of the box that indicate some abuse but all survived without damage. That is the second box I have received from France, packed the same careless way but where the contents arrived intact. Picture shows four of the seven different seven inch glass suspensions, EIV (aqua and blue), LEV (olive) and ISOREX ( bright green) that I have collected so far.