69KV Glass Fuse

By Peter Schilling; posted February 22, 2009

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This uncommon piece was picked it up at an antique shop. It is 26.25 inches long and weighs a good 6 pounds. It consists of a glass tube with metal coiling inside. Inside the coiling appears is a length of electrical cable. The ends are capped with metal. In one of the grooves it is embossed: PYREX MADE IN U.S.A. The larger cap has CAT NO. 311536 69KV AMP 100E TCC 119-5 engraved on it. The end of the other cap has the number 12865 stamped on it. This is a 69kv glass transformer fuse manufactured around 1940-50. The liquid inside is carbon tetrachloride designed to snuff an arc if one occurs. The coils are a spring that carries the current. It snaps down into the liquid if a fault occurs. I wish I had three so I could juggle them like I do clubs...just kidding. Thanks ICON for providing me with all the information about this object.