145 CREB Milky Dome

By Lee Brewer; posted April 20, 2002

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Here is a pic of a wonderful CD 145 CREB that John Ceccherelli and I pulled during Ceccer-Brew 2002! I just wanted a sampling of the types of CREB used there (for research purposes) and was surprised, upon cleaning this gem, at the amount of milk in the dome. A nice feature of this piece is that it is one of the "PAT 1870" pieces of which all I have seen have an exceptional clarity of glass. These pieces also tend to be heavier than other CREB's. There is a "1" as a shop number on this jewel's dome. It is the type of "1" which is connected to the MLOD. Despite the amount of milk in this piece, I had to under-light it for this picture to make the milk show up. In normal lighting it is a light blue aqua that is akin to the 'nice blue' I have posted in the Spec-Tru reference section. However, it does pale in comparison the 'nice blue'.