Need help with 2 CD styles PLEASE!!

By Mike Herron; posted January 23, 2009

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Just acquired these 2 pieces in a lot I purchased. Both are glass, but covered in train soot. Before I clean these pieces up, would like to find out what CD styles they are, but haven't had much luck figuring it out.

Both are a little over 3 inches high and 3 inches wide. Don't know the exact measurements as of yet (gotta find that ruler). Both pieces have NO embossing whatsover and appear to be aqua or green, but only cleaning will tell.

Neither has an inner skirt.

Both pulled off an old line many years ago in Pennsylvania.

Any suggestions??


Looks like the Consensus is that both are Unembossed CD 134 Oakman styles, one is just slightly taller than the other!! Thanks for all the help!! I'll post a new picture when they are cleaned up!!