Putting the worthless to good use

By Brian Weeldreyer; posted January 17, 2009

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I actually bought the suspension piece for the specific purpose of hanging this finch feeder from it. Not too long after I put it up, a guy I work with who found out I had recently started collecting insulators was looking forward to bringing in a couple of insulators he had gotten from his grandpa's house years ago. The next day he came in with an aqua Hemingray-42 and a clear Hemingray-16, handed them to me and said, "Here, you can have them, but if they're worth $1000 or something, I at least want to get a lunch out of it." I smiled and said, "Well, sadly, they're not worth much, but thanks."

One day, the bird feeder was blowing around quite a bit and I decided it needed some ballast. That worthless common 42 had some value after all! I sent this picture to my coworker and he was happy his contribution was put to good use.

Now, if I can just get those finches to stop pooping on it....