Spring cleaning.

By Gabriel Frey; posted January 11, 2009

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Well here in florida it feels like spring, so I am doing some cleaning out. Getting rid of mostly everything to make room for beehives which I am going to concentrate on. I don't believe I have any to rare and wanted but.. If you view original you will be able to see better. On the top row left are Am tels and the right are Stars. Second shelf is half Hemingrays and to the right Brookfields. The third shelf is all Brookfields. The last three shelves are numbered as these were the better of what I have. If you see anything that you think might be of interest to you let me know and I will give a better discription and pics if wanted. What I am looking for is CD 143,145,147 in colors or companies that I do not have.

If you would be interested in purchasing an insulator let me know.

1. Olive amber D-512

2. rb amber 51-2u

3. rb amber 51-c1

4. rb amber WT

5. Lynchburg CD 154 blueish green

6. Kimble peach 830

7. brookfield CD 205

8. hemingray CD 208 TRADED

9. postal CD 210

10. CD 121 Other

11. Pyrex carnival CD 234 GONE

12.WT CD 154 purple GONE

13. W.G.M CD 121 dark purple GONE

14. Diamond CD 102 brown amber

15. Locke CD 287

16. CD 152 Brookfield nice amber swirling

17. California CD 162 sage green GONE

18. C.T.N.E CD 154

19. Hemingray 42 Smooth base

20. brookfield CD 152 nice green

21. CD 187 Other GONE

22. brookfield CD 152 Emerald green?

23. H.G CD 162 (025) Flat top, possible chair leg insulator

24. Dominion CD 154 Icy aqua

25. Diamond CD 152 Ice green

26. Lynchburg CD 154 Ice blue GONE

CD 248 Pyrex yellow tint CD 327 Pyrex clear CD 257 Hemingray Blue vvnm GONE CD 258 Cable Green CD 259 Cable Green