Sequential CREB's & Double SN molds

By Lee Brewer; posted January 5, 2009

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A Special thanks to Andy Wadysz for selling me the SN15 that completed my collection on Saturday, March 6, 2010!

Andy - you put the finishing touch on a 12 year quest!

This pic adds all of the double SN molds to the 1st sequential set. It also pictures the SN-on-each-crown molds known (the 11 &4 also comes in an 11&14 not pictured). The molds not represented are the error molds such as the EEB, FAB, PVT, LEB etc. (use "search" for pics of these in the picture gallery). Within each of these molds are variations such that a complete set of know molds is around 130+ (eg. there are three different SN15 molds known).

Click on the original size to see the numbers on these pieces (some are too highly positioned - but many can be seen) and their color names.

Top row L to R: SN00 through SN8

2nd row : SN8 - SN17

3rd row: SN18-23, A, and B

4th: SN16/15, SN16/16, SN19/15, SN19/16, SN19/17, SN12&A (F-C has 12 & R-C has A), SN4&13 (F-C has SN4& R-C has weak 13 - sometimes seen as an 18), and SN11&4 (F-C has partial SN4 & R-C has SN11)