1st Complete Sequential CREB145 pic

By Lee Brewer; posted January 5, 2009

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A Special thanks to Andy Wadysz for letting me borrow his SN15 for this picture!

UPDATE: As of March 6, 2010, The pieces in this picture do all belong in the same set! My good friend, Andy Wadysz sold me his SN15 at the 2010, CBIC Shrewsbury show! Thanks again Andy - you put the finishing touch on a 12 year quest!

This is the first time known that a complete sequential set of CREB145's has been assembled in one place (See below for correction) . It is likely that these pieces were not all represented at one time even at the Brookfield plant as the first ones made were produced almost 10 years before the last CREB145's were. It is possible that Brookfield kept a full set for their records though - we will probably never know.

Hold it! CJOW says there was a complete set in 2003 at the National show! Yes - the display was mine and was lacking a SN15 and SN16 - although thy were represented by pieces which were later made from the SN15 and SN16 molds. Both these and the SN17 were re-tooled to have two SN's on the crown (one positioned vertically higher than the other). This first display had a SN16/15 and SN16/16 representing the SN15 and SN16 molds.

This was the same kind of situation with Chris Renaudo's multi-award-winning display at the Houston National in 2005.

Click on the original size to see the numbers on these pieces (some are too highly positioned - but many can be seen) and their color names.

Top row L to R: SN00 through SN8

2nd row : SN8 - SN17

3rd row: SN18-23, A, and B

I needed to correct this as I was emailed by Jay Dondorf who said he has a complete set! However, after he emailed about this, a couple days later he sent me a sad email saying he no longer has the full sequential run b/c his (already bad condition) SN15 fell and shattered to the point of not being able to re-construct the actual number 15 from the insulator. So this picture is not the first set of molds to be in one place, - but it is the first picture of a complete, sequential grouping.