Four Different Brookie CD 101 Mushroom Heads

By Jim White; posted January 4, 2009

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I call these mushroom heads due to the extended dome and wire rim lip which is often damaged. I will describe from left to right. First is a nice blue/aqua . Has an almost unnoticeable ping on the dome. Embossed Brookfield (no mold number), Next is a Brookfield with small sharp drips. There is a revere 9 on the dome. The white on the dome is a part of a tag that will come off easily. About six drips are partially damaged. This one could use an acid bath. Next is a tough color...olive amber with some streaking. Has a impact ship on the side of the dome which makes a cloverleaf chip. Has a chip on the underside of the upper wire rim. This is mold number 10 which is embossed under the Brookfield. The last piece is the highly sought after tiger stripe. This one is a mold number 2. Most of my tiger stripe ar enumbered 2. A large dome ship removes about 15% of the dome glass but to the back so it displays pretty well. In mint condition I have seen these running $125 and up. This one far far less. What do you have to trade? I am always looking for better 102s fro my collection. Make an offer. Also check out the other trade and for sale listings. I just posted a few new items too.