Happy New Year.

By James Mulvey; posted January 2, 2009

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The top picture shows the box as I received it from the post office. the second pic shows what I saw when i opened it. Note the piece of tape that customs used to secure the top after opening the box by cutting three sides. Each insulator was well packed inside 2 inches of bubblewrap. Each insulator was seperated by more packing. Customs had cut the bubblewrap from each insulator and when they replaced them in the box, not only was all the extra packing left lying on the bottom of the box, but the insulators themselves were placed glass to glass. Several pieces of the broken insulators are missing as well as a bonus item that was included..

Of the three insulators the green one had 3/4 of the base broken or missing, hardly able to call it a specimen now. The second had 1/3 of the LWG broken and missing as well as a chip, displays good from one side only. The third had a 3 inch crack in the WG area. Now a week later I see no less than 7 more newly formed 1 inch cracks in the skirt. Does not difplay very well from any side.

Seller and I agreed to split the loss. i'll get a better price on something later on. Fast forward 2016; shortly after this agreement was reached the seller disappeared. I got nothing.