Trio of CD 134 Patent 1871 Signals

By Jeff Hartzler; posted December 24, 2008

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How about a Xmas trade? Here are a CD 134 Patent/Dec 19 1871 (010) in light green aqua it has some wg edge nibbling with 1 tiny flake. A CD 134 Patent/Dec 19 1871 (060) in a light yellow green, not quite lime, with a few ticks on the top of the dome and one off the side of the crown and a tiny match head flake on the wg. A CD 134 same Patent (030) in ice green with some nibbling around the outside of the base and associated tiny flake and a tick on the side of the dome and some hairline annealing cracks on the dome. Looking for certain Mickeys and 162 Hemi, HG colored signals or other eared power pieces. Multi piece trades on my end towards one or whatever. Thanks!