2008 Snowstorm Joe Maurath's Displays Photo 20

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted December 21, 2008

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Same vintage mercury vapor fixture seen in the previous photo.... just from a different vantage point.

FYI...If you are just tuning-in and beginning to scroll down through my collage of photos documenting our December 2008 snowstorm, I trust you will enjoy them! The storm began on Friday December 19 and continued for nearly 48 hours thereafter. About 18 inches of snow fell. The following 19 pictures will give you an abbrievated "look around" my yard during and after the storm. I have about 20 display poles traversing around my yard and all of the wires, insulators, streetlights and go-with's affixed to them are indeed functional.

I live in the Boston area and have quite an outdoor exhibit of insulators and related stuff. Photos of my displays during more clement weather can be seen elsewhere within the "Indoor Outdoor Displays" folder.

Enjoy the tour!