2008 Snowstorm Joe Maurath's Displays Photo 01

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted December 21, 2008

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It all began about 2PM on Friday, December 19. Prior to that we had very little snow on the ground. During the following 48 hours we got nearly 18 inches of the wonderful white stuff...ranging from the feather-light variety to the heavy pastey kind of snow. I spent several hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (today) making access to my lengthy driveway, walkways, etc.

In between my tedious workouts I took some pictures and I'm going to share them with you. Most were taken of my outdoor pole line, vintage street lights, etc. The first one shown was taken in front of my house, built in the 1780s having seen quite a few storms like the one we just had, I'm sure!

Now that I'm thawed out....from front yard to back, you'll get the tour as you view the next 19 images.