Four Colorful Signals Mix or Match

By Jeff Hartzler; posted December 21, 2008

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Here is a CD 162 Mclaughlin 19 in Depression glass green (050) that glows in the sun. It has a few ticks around the wire groove and a couple of flaked off sdp points. It has been slid on the points some because none are sharply pointed. Beautiful insulator! Here is a beautiful WGM in medium purple (010) that glows in the sun. It has 1 tick on the wg and 2 tiny 1/8" base edge flakes and 1 flake about 5/8" long on the base. Here is a pretty medium purple BGM CO (010) that I have had for better than 20 years. It has a small open bubble on the top of the dome and one on the base. It has a pretty milk swirl that starts at the G and rolls into the threads. Last but not least a CD 164 Lynchburg 38 (110) in a pretty yellow green w/milky swirls thruout. It has a tick on the dome and some small wg flakes and an inner skirt flake and nibbling around the base seam. Sounds a lot worse than it is. I am looking for HG or Hemi signals in colors and Mickeys that I don't have. Will trade all for one or whatever. What have you got? Thanks!