Four CD 145 HG Petticoats

By Jeff Hartzler; posted December 13, 2008

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Here are L to R a (140) in bubbly sage green L above HG CO has some wg nibbles and a shaver up from the wg about an inch long. A (140) in blue backwards N above HG CO wire groove nibbled up and a shaver up from the base under TI in Petticoat and a stress crack 1/2" up drom the base. A (120) in bubbly lime green with the letter E under Petticoat with 1/2" base flake and 3/4" isc. A (140) K above HG CO in a bubbly sky blue or lite blue with some nibbling on upper wg and a shaver up an inch above the HG. I will trade any or all of these for Mickeys I don't have or colored HG or Hemi signals. What have you got? I have 29 of these puppies that I am willing to trade away. 29 for 1 or whatever. Thanks!