CD 134/162 Dome Variations

By Bill Meier; posted April 11, 2002

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Here is an example showing the CD 134 Hemingray [070] {Crown variant - top looks like a CD 162}. On the left, a normal CD 162, in the middle the CD 134 [070] and on the right, the normal CD 134 [060]. The dome diameter on the left two is 3 1/16" while on the right, is 2 7/8" -- again, over a 1/4" difference in size of the dome. Although the photo doesn't show it well, you can almost see "stretch marks" on the underside of the upper wire groove -- where a CD 162 dome piece would mate with the CD 134 body. Actually, if you measure some of your CD 162 domes, you may not find one as large as this CD 162 on the left!!