#1 Military Lines

By Chris Sweryda; posted November 11, 2008

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This is the first of a small series of photos showing the construction used by the Canadian military on a base in northern Manitoba. This base has been abondoned and is now used as a residential high school for the remote nothern communities. The lines have been left intact and ownership was transfered to Manitoba Hydro upon the base closure. There is a great amount of redundent wire here includeing a sky wire, abondoned 600V and 240/120 V grid that was fed by many TR Banks hooked together and even a fire alarm circuit. As an interesting note, the town this base is in was completely rebuilt from 4160 V to 25 KV but the base area was left as is requiring the construction of a platform structure with 25 KV to 4160 step down Tr's. It's weird they'd not rebuild it as the entire base only has about 6 banks and a small handful of single phase cans still in use.