'92 nia Sale. mint pink 25.00 plus post !

By Scott Farrell; posted November 10, 2008

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I6 YR OLD 23RD NIA COMM, from orlando, Fla, 1992, mint as made, pink, maybe this is the pink that glowes under a blacklite, think 2 colors made, bought 'em new, can't remember what I did with the other, or what color it was........ SCOTT FARRELL, BNOX 3032, LAKE HAVASU, AZ, 86405, PayPal OR MO'S PLEASE. DELFT DENVER AND GREEN BROOKY ALSO AVAILABLE SEPARATELY, SEE PREVIOUS LISTING, THANKS, sf, NOW ON SALE $25.00 PLUS POSTAGE LAST CALL, 20 BUX PLUS ACTUAL POSTAGE . SF