CD 145 Brookfield [???]

By Jack Foote; posted November 9, 2008

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Hit a local flea market this am. . .found this Brookfield CD 145 in a box of other common stuff. At first I noticed the backwards 4 on the front dome. . .then a 18 on the rear dome. Thought it was a [220] until I cleaned it up. This insulator does not have any evidence of 'Pat. Jan 25th 1870 on the rear below the #18!

The color is plain ol' aqua. . . and it is frosted on the rear from exposure. . but the front is shiny clean. Honest you guys. . with a pretty strong lense I can find absolutely no evidence of the Pat. that should be on the rear. Have three [220]'s: 3/3, 4/4, and 4/backwards 13. This is not a [220]!

Best part is. . .while at the show. . I tripped on a metal sign laying on the ground. . .and threw my back out. . so. . .guess making a cool find made walking on my knuckles now worth while!

dogwhowalksbentover. . . ^..^