CD 160 B No 32s (re: CD 160 LYNCHBURG Mold Variation)

By Andrew Gibson; posted November 6, 2008

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Justin Stoudt responded to my previous picture ([id=230554880]) by saying "The wider dome Lynchburg pictured in Andrews photo is made from old Brookfield molds. Check a Brookfield 32 and you will see the resemblance." I just happened to have this picture on hand, so figured I'd post it, and follow up. This picture shows 5 different CD 160 Brookfield No 32s in different colors. None of them, from my point of view, look to be a resemblance to the "wide dome" CD 160 Lynchburg posted in my previous picture. In particular, the ridge above the wire groove is much more pronounced in the Lynchburg. Is this just due to the molds having been reworked, or am I missing something and there are actually B No 32 molds that look like this Lynchburg variation?

ANSWER: The thought is that the Brookfield mold was reworked. However, there is some disagreement on whether the Lynchburg pieces were actually made in Broookfield molds. The Lynchburg pieces have significantly wider wire ridges (meaning more glass used in production), do not show signs of rework around the wire ridges, show absolutely no signs of blotouts, and have a thinner skirt (meaning the mold/plunger would have had to be built up from / larger than the original Brookfield usage). At the moment, there are no real conclusions to be drawn.