CD 160 LYNCHBURG Mold Variation

By Andrew Gibson; posted November 6, 2008

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Last weekend in Springfield, I picked up a CD 160 LYNCHBURG that was slightly different than any other I've ever seen. The profile of this particular insulator is identical to that of the CD 160 GAYNER that is typically seen. The McDougald's reference book notes that there are two minor variations to the dome profile of the GAYNER CD 160s, that the LYNCHBURG baby signals were made from Gayner molds that had been re-engraved with the LYNCHBURG name, and that there are two minor variations to the dome profile of the LYNCHBURG CD 160s.

Every GAYNER baby signal I've ever seen has the same distinctive profile, similar to the narrow dome one on the left in this picture. Every LYNCHGBURG baby signal I've ever seen (up until now) has the same profile as the one on the right in this picture, with a wider dome. Has anyone ever seen the GAYNER baby signal that matches the wide dome profile of the LYNCHBURG on the right? What mold number is it?

It's interesting to me that while Gayner and Lynchburg may have used the same molds, the rarity of one profile vs. the other is exactly opposite between the two companies. It's as if Gayner made the narrow profile mold and used that for most of their existence. Perhaps they made the wide profile mold later and did not use it much, and Lynchburg, when they got the molds, decided to use the newer mold for most of their production. I could be off base here, of course -- does anyone think that I'm wrong about the relative rarity of the profiles for these two companies?

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ANSWER: Identified about 5-6 "pinch dome" Lynchburgs in collections. They come (at least) in mold numbers 4,5,7, and 10. Mold 10 also comes in the "normal" dome variation, so it's unsure whether this is 2 different molds, or the same mold re-worked. The "pinch dome" is definitely scarcer than the normal variety. There is some disagreement as to whether the "normal dome" variety is actually made in Brookfield molds -- comparisons to Brookfield molds show significant differences, and a thicker skirt on the Brookfield units. As for the second Gayner variation -- that remains unidentified. There are rumours of a Gayner with a Lynchburg dome profile, but nobody reports actually seeing it.