CD 126 Brooofield

By Bill Ostrander; posted October 22, 2008

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An unusual embossing I haven't been able to locate in the PG yet. (F-Crown) A "O" or "0" / (Arc) W BROOOFIELD / (Arc) W BROOKFIELD / 45 CLIFF ST / N.Y. (R-Crown) (Arc) CAUVET / JULY. 25 1865 / PAT. JAN 25TH 1870 / " FEB 22 "

What this actually looks like it could be is that the "BROOOFIELD" is a combination of the normal embossing of "BROOKFIELD", and a ghost embossing of the "0" above it, and the "BROOKFIELD" below is also a ghost embossing. The things that don't make sense if that is true is that the error "O" is very bold, unlike a ghost embossing, and the "D" in the apparent "BROOKFIELD" ghost embossing is also bold. The other odd thing is "CAUVET" in an arc. Not "CAUVETS", nor does it appear to have W U T CO above that, although it could be very very faint.