CD 133 BROOKFIELD [230] -- but what color?

By Andrew Gibson; posted October 21, 2008

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I've had this insulator for many years, and I've always been in love with the intense blue color. A while ago I realized that the price guide lists this particular insulator as either Blue Aqua, Cornflower Blue, or Sapphire Blue, with a rather huge difference in prices. Ray Klingensmith's recent auction included a similar insulator, item #81, in a similar color. The one in Ray's catalog appears to me like it may be a lighter and perhaps brighter blue color, though it's hard to tell given the different conditions under which the insulators were photographed.

The insulator above is no where near the cornflower blue that Duquesne insulators come in. But it is much more blue, in my mind, than blue aqua. Comparable to a Chicago or Montreal blue. Does anyone have any opinion as to what color this really is? Could anyone possibly provide a photo of the CD 133 BROOKFIELD [230] showing both blue aqua and cornflower blue next to each other?

Thanks for any help!

ANSWER: All seem to believe that this is definitely not blue aqua, but responses disagree on whether it is cornflower, sapphire blue, or a dark sapphire blue.

UPDATE: 01/18/2008: After a follow up question, I uploaded the following comparison pictures:
[id=236900793] CD 728.4 Brookfield in light aqua
[id=236900676] CD 133 Brookfield in typical aqua
[id=236900569] CD 131 Tillotson in greenish aqua
[id=236900865] CD 135 Chicago in typical Chicago blue
[id=236901102] CD 143 Montreal in typical Montreal blue
[id=236900935] CD 164 McLaughlin in cornflower blue
[id=236901036] CD 106.1 Duquesne in cornflower blue