Green CD 160 STARs -- but which green?

By Andrew Gibson; posted October 21, 2008

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Pictured above are 3 baby signal STARs in various shades of green. The price guide lists the following green colors as possible for this insulator: Green, Lime Green, Yellow Green, Dark Yellow Green, Light Yellow Olive Green, Olive Green, and Olive Amber. I've only recently become interested in paying attention to color variations, so I'm hoping someone might be able to help and hazard a guess as to what colors the above insulators actually are.

My initial take is (left to right): yellow green, dark yellow green, and olive green.

By the way -- I do realize that trying to identify exact colors is a hopeless task. Colors are obviously a range and so probably don't have an exact classification. I'm just looking for some general guidance here. Thanks!

ANSWER: The general consensus seems to be that the colors are, from left to right, green, dark yellow green, and olive green.