Best Antique Store Find

By Mike Guthrie; posted October 9, 2008

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This piece was found in 1984 in a souvenir shop in Virginia City Nevada on my way home from the Tacoma NIA National Show. The piece was in the middle of a couple dozen cheap aqua & clear pieces. The shop owner said he had dug it in a privy in Virginia City about two weeks before my "discovery." It is sort of a chartreuse yellow green with olive green swirls and fizzy bubbles. I was new to the hobby at the time but knew that it was worth the $5.00 price tag he had on it. I told my wife that I thought I was going to wet my pants when I got it outside in the sunlight and saw all of the character it had. I knew it was a keeper when a collecting friend offered me 400.00 then 800.00 for it.