115 Kv line upgrade

By Eian Greene; posted October 5, 2008

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This line coming from Black Forest, to Peyton, Colorado was a former REA line running at 69 Kv. The new poles for the most part have been raised. The new conductor needs to be pulled in. Right now, this substation is still running on 69Kv from the East Limon Transmission substation. Cut-over to the 115 Kv is anticipated by the end of November. I'm confident that in the near future, the rest of the line to Limon will be upgraded to 115Kv.

Structures: 60 ft wooden poles with steel tubular poles on corners, turns, and dead-ends. Insulators: Vee-type insulators, most likely LAPP, as that is what Tri-state G&T uses the most. Cable Size: probably 750MCM ACSR and a smaller 4/0 ACSR shield wire up top.