Chrome plated insulators

By Wesley Lirette; posted September 28, 2008

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These are the photos of the insulators that i have been talking about. Chrome plated. this picture shows the final reslult of our testing and finding our chrome plating problem, we had too much moisture in our air supply which was causing small Micro air bubbles to create a fog in the chrome. this is the first insulator that turned out without the bubbles, please ignore any dust you see in the finish, this insulator was grabbed as a final item when we had some primer left over, it hadn't been prolerly cleaned as time was an issue. i will post some better photos of the new batch, the kind of quality to be expected when we start doing these this week. i have also posted some other pictures of some of the failed ones. They still look good at a distance. Also i have shown the bottom view, this will give some idea of what the bottom will look like. where we are putting the focus on the normal view of an isulator, upright, we are not concerned with the inside, some of the skirt will have chrome as you can tell, but further up the threads we cannot reach as we use a 1x1 stick to act as a handle to be able to move the insulator around to apply the finish.

These are my personal collection, they are not marked altered, fake as they will never leave my home.

thanks and let me know what you think, good or bad.