My best finds

By Craig Boehm; posted September 8, 2008

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Here are some of my best finds to date at least the one's I have kept for my collection.

Top shelf royal purple canpac, c.p.r. light purple, milky btc toll, 3/4 amber 1/4 teal blue pony, 110.5 new eng tel, Dark teal with amber diamond pony.

Second shelf cornflower blue diamond, Dark teal blue 742, sky blue montreal, g.n.r. purple, purple canpac, Dark teal blue diamond

Third shelf hemingray blue 162.4, Dark purple c.n.r. 143, Grey milk 143 canpac, 735 chester with amber, 2 piece purple, and light teal blue CD 102 diamond

Bottom shelf Dark teal green 102, lighter teal green 102, yellow mustard, chartreuse, slightly lighter yellow mustard, dark mustard all diamond 102's

these piece's are pieces that are currently in my collection

If you would like a better pic of a individual piece email me or try "view original"