CD 736.3 Found - NOT an April Fool's Joke!!

By Mike Csorbay; posted April 4, 2002

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Debbie found this threadless while "bushwhacking" for four hours on Monday, April 1, 2002. It was a cold and breezy day, but not so bad if you just kept moving. On her way down this particular section of track, she noticed there were two poles nearly surrounded by swamp, and decided to check them out on the way back to the van. The rest of the day yielded a few fragments, most notably a good third of a skirt of a CD 740 (we think) in a milky green blackglass color.

As daylight was waning, she returned to do the last two poles. After going a long way out of her way to get to them without getting wet, she finally settled in to look around, and found a few more shards by the first pole. Making her way to the last pole of the day, she saw part of the base and the skirt of this insulator poking up through the ground, and gently removed it, finding it intact with just a bit of skirt chipping (it leans to one side). Cold, wet and tired, but extremely elated, she made her way back to the van and then home to look it up, and to wait for me and my friend Gord to return from our trip. Debbie certainly had the catch of the day, and of the year so far!! This is the wonderful part of having two insulator hunters in the family -- I'll get to fondle it too, but I'll just have to wait my turn!!