*PAIR* CD 285 Edison and CD 138.2 National Insulator! Sale

By Jon Maida; posted August 13, 2008

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Here I have a CD 138.2 National Insulator. Yours for $55 shipped through USPS Priority mail.

The CD 138.2 National Insulator which has a base embossing of "NATIONAL INSULATOR CO." "PAT. JAN.1. & OCT. 7. 1884" The color is a nice vibrant icy blue aqua, does have some small milk swirls in the skirt area. The only damage is a shallow crystal clear surface chip of 1'' x 1/2'' and a surface crack of the same, both on the inner skirt which are invisible from the exterior.

CD 285 Edison SOLD! for $90

I have more pictures of each insulator, just e-mail me at Dirtryder67@aol.com Thanks! -Jon