CD 151 HG Purple Swirled MEGA DOMER.

By Brian Riecker; posted August 7, 2008

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So far, this is the thickest 151 I have seen. The purple swirls are the kicker and really add to the eye candy. Still owned by the original picker and I quote, "Brian, this is my most favorite piece in my whole collection." A collection which is one of the top fifty in the country.

There is so much glass that there is no inner skirt, the inner drips are on a mound of glass next to the outer skirt.. I suspect the inner skirt was extended when made and the drips hardened, but the body of the inner skirt was still soft and the weight of the insulator squished the inner skirt even to the outer skirt and made a mound of glass with drips on it.

By the way, the domeglass measures out to almost TWO inches!