CD 737 vs CD 738?

By John Rajpolt; posted August 2, 2008

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Hi. I am reaching out to everyone for help in identifying these two pieces. I can't figure out if they are both the same CD or if one is a 737 and the other is a 738. The illustrations in the PG don't really help me. The one on the left has a shorter height to the skirt and the skirt is more rounded. The wire grooves are also lower down on the piece. They have the same width of the base and they are pretty much the same height. So, does anyone out there know the difference between a 737 and a 738? Thanks in advance for any help.

Consensus : CD 737 on left, 738 on right. 737 is a much lighter and has a smooth surface. 738 are much heavier pieces with typically a whittled type surface. 738 also has a "higher" collar area below the lower wire groove. Notice the 738 wire grooves are about 1/4 inch or so higher than the 737's.