"Super" quick, CD 170 Big Boy Pic 1

By Stephen Drake; posted July 22, 2008

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Big, bad, and chock full of character. First we have just over one inch of rusted wire located in the base area, then on the other side, we have a beautiful hair-lip accompanied by a large pot stone as seen in the photos. A little light amber wisp and lots of champagne bubbles in the dome best viewed in sunlight. Truly a must have for junk collectors. As far as damage, there is a 3/8" bruise on the bottom side of the upper wire ridge directly on the mold line of one side, and a "rough" patch about " on the dome that looks like the insulator was rubbed a little. Not really that bad. The base is in great shape, just a few teeny nicks and the inner skirt is really in good shape as well. Really is a neat, heavy chunk-o-glass with tremendous character. $155 plus actual USPS priority shipping charges.