My 2008 National Acquisitions

By Scott Morrell; posted July 19, 2008

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I finally found the time to post pics of my 2008 National acquisitions. Of course, I sold and traded away some nice pieces too. My tiny little house only permits me to display about 200 insulators. So when I get something new, something must go!

Starting at the top left going clockwise:

1. CD 113 Hemi in a nice lavender/purple shade, courtesy of Dave Campbell. 2. CD 105 American with those nifty lines on the dome. Got this one from Jack Roach. The lines on the dome reminded him of old-time football helmets. Just how old is Jack anyway? 3. CD 131 Brookfield, with a terrific band of milk wrapping all the way around the dome! 4. CD 124.3 Patent 1871. Got this one from Brent Burger, who admonished me never to "back in!" 5. CD 106 WFG. Not super rare, but a real little sparkler! 6. CD 127 No Embossing MLOD, and super shiny (not sick glass like you often see on these). A nice addition to my 127 specialty collection, courtesy of Doug Smith. 7. CD 130 Cal Electric Works. This is without a doubt my premier acquisition at the show. I've been waiting years for a VNM example, and this is it! Perfect wire groove, and only a few minor annealing lines and fleabites. A fine example of western glass. Thanks Kevin Meehan! 8. CD 124 Hemi... tiger striped with amber. This is another piece I've sought for a long time, and I managed to grab this one from Dwayne Anthony's table before it disappeared into another collection!

The 2008 National was one of the best shows I've ever attended. Hats off to Howard & Linda Banks (and extended family)... as well as Steve Watkins. Great people. Great show. Great insulators!