Cobalt Blue Tillotson CD 731 SUSPECT?????

By Richard Case; posted July 16, 2008

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What do you guys think..????? See the fractures from being in the sea and it was supposed to have been hammered onto the pin from telltale hits on the dome. pinhole is a little smaller...maybe that's why it was hammered onto the pin.....Rust in the wire groove, well doesn't salt water clean rust off..I thought the sherman find was new insulators.. .all the red flags make me think about this..Maybe this one came off the land and is real !!..The seller was located in S. Carolina. He also had a cobalt blue CD 701.6 too.........fooled me for a while until someone mentioned it was suspect..But I've been around insulators for 40 years and it sure was done well or is Real.... Looks nice thou...